Concord University To Celebrate Dorm Renovations

  Concord University is gearing up to celebrate a grand reopening for its North and South Tower campus dorms.
  Renovations for the towers have been completed and as a result the university will be hosting an official ribbon cutting celebration Thursday evening.
   Alumni and residents are encouraged to attend. 

Director of Student Activities, Andrew Sulgit said the extensive renovations include modernized  upgrades to the dorm's ceilings, floors, and bathrooms. 

"If you go inside these dorm rooms they are complete different version of before,you know modern fixtures really updating those spaces from when they were built in the '70s, Things like air conditioning and some of the more modern amenities are included which I think the students are going to enjoy."

The ribbon cutting celebration will include a tour of the new dorms, and will be held on Thursday September 14 at in the North Tower.

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