'Ancient remains' found in Fayette County not Sue Roop's

The Fayette County Sheriffs Department and prosecutor, Larry Harrah has released new details on human remains that were found back in Dec. 2016.

Sheriff Mike Fridley said remains found in the Kanawha Falls area are actually those of three different people.

Fridley said initial reports believed the remains were that of Susan Roop, who went missing back in February 1979 from the Bentree area. Investigators believed that the remains were Roop's because of the geographical location. 

After being sent to the WV State Medical Examiner's Office, the remains were later sent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Quantico, Virginia for analysis.  

The Sheriff's Department received a report from the FBI confirming that the remains are not those of Roop.  The report indicates that the remains were "ancient" and contained the bones of three people. Deputies said the report also indicates that the remains may possibly be a couple hundred years old. 

Anyone with information regarding this incident is urged to contact the Fayette County Sheriff's Department at 304-574-3590. 

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