Fayette County Officials Implement New Program For Students

Law enforcement agencies in Fayette County met to discuss a new program for students in the county.

The Program is called Handle with Care, which is a statewide program. It allows law enforcement agencies to notify schools with basic information if a student is involved in a situation that may cause them to have issues in class.Those issues include anything that could make a student cry, act out, sleep or just have a bad day.  This helps teachers understand how to handle that student with care. Law enforcement agencies will give schools the child's name and age but no details regarding the incident.

"It makes sure that kids are being handled with care that's the bottom line, it's nothing that the community gets involved with, it's nothing that we give off and say hey mike was involved with a domestic, they don't know anything that happened with the event it just says handle with care," Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley said.

The program will be put in place February 1st. If you have any information about a child that may have been exposed to a dangerous situation contact the Fayette County Sheriffs Department at 304-574-3590 or contact Crime Stoppers of West Virginia at 304-255-STOP.

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