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Fayette County Sheriff responded to school threat over the weekend

These threats are not taken lightly by law enforcement. Several schools faced serious threats to start the school week. Valley High School and Valley Elementary Schools were closed Monday as a precaution.

"We received them calls  yesterday about the two in the Valley around 1 o'clock, and around 3 or 4 this morning, we finally had it done to who did what, " Sheriff Mike Fridley, Fayette County Sheriff, said. 

Oak Hill High School received a threat during the middle of the school day on Monday. Any threat taken against a school is considered serious.Threats against schools are considered terrorist threats, and that's when law enforcement is called in.

"The children or adults or whoever is doing this need to know that we are going to find out who you are. And when we do, you're going to be arrested and you're going to be charged. And it's severely charged and you're going to look at some time, " Sheriff Mike Fridley said.

Fayette County Schools Superintendent Terry George says that all students involved have been apprehended and both schools are safe. As a parent himself, Sheriff Fridley has told his girls not to change how they live their lives from what happens in the world. 

"We cannot hide behind what happens in the world. If we didn't go to school because of a shooting, we don't get an education. If we don't go to church because of a shooting, we don't become religious. At a movie theater, if you don't go to movies. I mean we can't let these terrorists, and that's what I look at them as, what they do to us, dictate how we are going to live our lives, " Sheriff Mike Fridley said. 

Oak Hill High School, Valley High School and Valley Elementary school will all have class on Tuesday. 

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