IRS phone scam returns to Fayette County

As 2018 begins, a scam that happens each year around tax time has returned.  The Fayette County  Sheriff's Office reports they have received calls from potential victims.  They said callers claiming to be with the IRS are asking potential victims to pay back taxes.  The scammers threaten the victim with arrest if they do not make arrangements over the phone.

"The IRS does not initiate calls of this nature in an effort to collect past-due taxes," said Sheriff Mike Fridley. "If the IRS believes that you owe additional taxes for a given period, they will communicate with you through the U.S. Mail and provide documentation to support this claim of unpaid taxes."

As always, law enforcement officers advise people never to give out their personal or banking information to anyone over the telephone.  Sheriff Fridley said if anyone has received a call, but has not released their personal or financial information, it is not necessary to report it to local law enforcement.

"Our primary goal when we receive reports of this nature is to spread the word as widely as possible in an effort to prevent anyone from falling victim to scams such as this," stated Sheriff Fridley

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