Voters Weigh in on Fayette County School Levy

Fayetteville, W.Va. (WVNS) - A longtime levy in Fayette County returns to the ballot next month. While it's beneficial, it's also very controversial among voters.

"The levy pays for a tremendous amount of things," one Fayette County mother, Shawna Sparks said.

Sparks is a mother with five kids in the Fayette County school system and stressed voting yes on the school levy is a no brainer. "It pays for free school breakfast and lunch, it pays for technology and teacher support," Sparks added.

The concerned mother explained she has seen firsthand how the levy has helped her entire family. "Five kids eating lunch in the school systems would definitely dent my bill in groceries," Sparks said.

She stressed it's not just parents who should vote yes. "I totally endorse anything that's for kids," a retired educator, Sylvia Allen said.

Allen is a retired principal and teacher in Fayette County and said she understands the struggles teachers face. "Children come to school without pencils and papers, so it's on the backs of the teachers to provide those things," Allen said.

The levy which consists of approximately 10 million dollars in funding could alleviate that pain for educators, but those against the levy expressed they don't want to pitch more money out of their pockets.

School officials have remained neutral on the levy, but weighed in on some rumors going around. "Taxes do not increase as a result of the levy, taxes stay the same," the Superintendent of Fayette County Schools, Terry George said.

George explained the levy has been in place for 60 years and while he isn't for or against it, he said the facts are the facts. "The levy provides a lot of extra funding for students activities and things they wouldn't have had."

No matter what side of the levy people are on, they all agree on one thing, "Just get out and vote," Sparks added.

Polls will open on Jan. 20, 2018.

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