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Greenbrier County schools encourage public to 'vote yes' on upcoming school levy

LEWISBURG, W. Va. (WVNS) -- The school levy in Greenbrier County will soon be on the ballot. A vote that comes around every five years, and affects nearly 4,900 students.

The school levy in Greenbrier County will expire in June of 2019, and now administrators are asking the public to 'vote yes' on May 8th.     

Under the current levy, students were given access to chrome books, allowing them to complete homework and provide a hands-on learning experience.

Eight grader at Western Greenbrier Middle School, Braelee Brown, said having access to technology gives her and fellow students a head start at higher education.

"I feel like it makes us more prepared for life and our future jobs and things like that. In the future there aren't going to be many jobs that you're not gonna have to be tech savvy to handle," said Brown.

Greenbrier County has been supporting the school levy since 1974.

Director of Technology and Student Services, Vicky Cline, said the levy provides the appropriate funding for educators to shape students into responsible citizens before graduating high school.     

"Our goal is to get our students ready for the world of work or education beyond high school. To give them technology now, it levels the playing field and gives them the ability to get those skills they are going to need," said Cline.

However, technology isn't the only thing funded under the levy. Art and music education initiatives are also paid for using money from the levy.

Cline said having different opportunities for students is important for their success.

"Art and music, and technology opportunities, all of those things give students a chance to achieve and participate and feel like they are a part of something."  

The vote for the levy on May 8th is a continuation of the expiring levy to provide funding for all 13 schools in Greenbrier County for the next five years.

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