Greenbrier County Toys For Tots Gives to Children in Need

Some people in the Rainelle community are working tirelessly to make sure less fortunate kids have a Merry Christmas.  

JP Stevens, the Rainelle Chief of Police is the temporary coordinator over Greenbrier County Toys for Tots Stevens and others in the community have been putting bags of toys together at the U.S. Army Reserve Center in Rainelle for children not only in Greenbrier County, but other counties as well. 

After the 2016 flood, many families are not able to afford toys for their kids. JP Stevens took on this task because he did not want to see children go without toys during Christmas.  

"Greenbrier County got hit with that flood and it kind of destroyed a lot of homes, some people moved out and the ones that stayed around have children that's really in desperate need," Stvens said.

If you still need help getting toys for your children and you live in another county, besides Greenbrier County, the deadline to sign up is Thursday with the Rainelle Police Department, that number is (304)-673-4586. 


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