Holly Waid, the first female to represent the Mountain State in a shooting competition

CALDWELL W. Va. (WVNS) -- A Greenbrier County girl is making history for sharp shooting.

By day Holly Waid is a sophomore at Greenbrier East High School. Once the school bell rings, Waid is off to the shooting range.

The 15- year -old has made a name for herself when it comes to shooting a shotgun. She has earned her way to a national shooting competition in June, and will be the first female to represent the Mountain State.

Waid said she's proud to be a role model within her community.

"It's an honor and I get to set an example for everyone else and the little kids who might look up to me," said Waid,

Waid will be going to the national competition in Nebraska this June, with her 4-H teammate Tyler Deskins.

To become a great shotgun shooter takes time and practice, and Waid is no exception.

Her mother, Amy Waid, said her daughter spends just as much time outside of the range, working on ways to perfect herself.

"If she's not here shooting, she's at home reading articles, watching Youtube videos, doing gun mounts in the mirror, always doing something to better herself," said Amy Waid,

Spending countless hours practicing, Waid knows her grades are most important. She said doing well in school is her motivation to become the best shotgun shooter she can be.

"It's kind of hard to manage time. I try to get all my homework done before practice and make sure it's turned in on time," said Waid.

Once Waid returns from the national competition she says she will continue working in hopes of qualifying for the Olympics and shoot for a college team.

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