Town of Alderson prepared for flood warning

ALDERSON W. Va. (WVNS) -- With the flood warning this past weekend, February 11th, 2018, the town of Alderson has made preparations to keep it's people safe.

While the town is still recovering from the floods in 2016, the floods have taught those living there how to prepare for the worst.

Alderson Mayor Travis Copenhaver said he believes the town is as ready as can be for high water.

"The guys at the community center are already aware if we've got to mobilize, we mobilize. Fire departments ready, police departments ready, public works is ready. Yes, we are ready."

 The floods washed away the river gauge that once sat along the Greenbrier River. Tre Sheppard and his daughter Rylee Sheppard stepped in to make a new gauge. They said many people throughout the town do not use social media to see when there are flood warnings, and this gauge is the only way some people know how high the river actually is.

"The houses here and Exxon flood first and it's an easier and quicker way," said Rylee Sheppard

  Copenhaver said he wants the people living in Alderson to understand he has taken all of the measures to ensure the safety of the people.

"Our people that live here I hope understand that we are as apprehensive and concerned as they are. In fact some cases more down to being overly prepared and cautious," said Copenhaver.

The town also has back up generators ready to go if needed.

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