UPDATE:Tony Greene found not guilty of attempted murder in strip club stabbing


7:00 p.m. Friday, Jan. 26, 2018

  A Mercer County man who admitted to stabbing two people at a strip club during a bar fight learned his fate on Friday in court.

Instead of finding him guilty of attempted first degree murder, the jury found him guilty on two lesser charges of attempt to commit a felony.  After the verdict was reached, Judge Swope sentenced Greene to two to six years in prison. 

"Well I thought the jury would find him guilty of attempt to commit first degree murder," Assistant Prosecuting Attorney, Adam Wolfe said. "But I mean he went before a jury of peers it was a fair and partial jury you can never say the jury made the wrong decision."

Wolfe added that because Greene has a prior felony conviction, Green will be back in court later next month to find out if his parole eligibility will increase.



4:30 p.m. Wednesday, Jan 24, 2018

New Details have emerged during day two of the strip club stabbing trial.  On Wednesday, prosecuting attorney, Adam Wolfe argued that the stabbings Tony Greene pleaded guilty to, were pre-meditated based on a Facebook post from Greene's account.

"The Facebook post basically says, I'm going to paraphrase it, murder is easy because it happens at the moment. What's hard is making the moment," Wolfe said, "and we believe when he went out that night, it was posted around midnight and then these crimes happened at around 3 a.m." 

The trial will be in recess on Thursday and will resume Friday morning. The jury is expected to hear from expert witnesses to determine weather alcohol played a role in the attacks. After the witnesses are called to the stand, both sides will present closing arguments and the jury will be expected to make a decision on weather or not the attacks were pre-meditated. If Greene is found guilty, he faces up to 30 years behind bars.  
9:00 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018 UPDATE:

In court on Tuesday, prosecuting attorneys Adam Wolfe, and Holly Flannigan brought fourth multiple charges including two counts of attempted murder and an attempt to commit a felony. 

In a last minute decision, Greene pleaded guilty to the simple felony charge, but not guilty, to the attempted murder charges. 

"So the states still proceeding on the theory that the events alleged are attempt to commit first-degree 
murder so that will be up to the jury to decide if it was pre-mediated," attorney Adam Wolf said. "So that's the main issue we will be trying in this case as whether this was premeditated or not."  Adam Wolfe said.

If convicted on the attempted murder charges, Greene faces six to 30 years behind bars.
2 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018 UPDATE:

Jury selection began in Mercer County for a case of attempted murder at a strip club in Bluefield, WV.  It happened at the Platinum Cabaret in December 2016.   The trial for Tony Green was expected to begin at around 2 p.m. 


ORIGINAL STORY (WVNS Dec. 21, 2016) -- A man from Bluefield, WV is facing serious charges in connection with a stabbing at a strip club.  Officers with the Bluefield Police Department were called to the Platinum Cabaret at around 3 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 9, 2016.

According to Detective Adams, the initial call was in regards to a fight between four customers.  There were two people who were stabbed and received life-threatening injuries.  Their names have not been released.  One was taken to Charleston Area Medical Center and the other was taken to a hospital in Roanoke.

Tony Green of Bluefield was arrested.  He is charged with four counts of Malicious Wounding and four counts of Attempted Murder.  He was caught while leaving the scene.

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