UPDATE: Arrest made after man allegedly steals gear from firefighter's truck

PRINCETON, W. Va. (WVNS) — UPDATE: Jan. 3, 2017 @ 6:50 p.m.:  Princeton Police tell 59 News Adam Clark of Princeton was arrested Wednesday, Jan. 3 for allegedly stealing gear out of a Bluefield firefighter's truck. 


Clark is charged with felony grand larceny and receiving or transferring stolen goods. 


Police said all of the property has been returned to its original owner. 




Princeton Police have recovered more than $6,500 worth of equipment that was stolen from a firefighter with the Bluefield Fire Department.  


Police said the items were in a large tote that was stolen on December 2nd, 2017, out of a Bluefield firefighter’s truck while he was eating at a restaurant in Princeton. 


The tote contained several items including a fire helmet, gloves, pants, boots and other safety gear valued around $6,500. 


About a week later, Princeton Police said they recovered some of the stolen items at a local pawn shop and traced the items back to the suspect. 


Scottie Dingus is the victim, and works at Bluefield Fire Department, he said the most valuable item that was stolen, was his helmet.


"To men and women who wear the helmet, it's part of them, it's part of their career. The scratches, the scars, the burned soot is actually part of their career saving lives, property, putting their lives in danger for other people," said Dingus.


Dingus said he keeps a photograph of his daughter inside his helmet to remind him what is waiting for him outside of the fire.


Police visited the suspect’s home and found most of the stolen items in the suspect’s basement. Police said some of the stolen items were also sold on EBay. 


Through the power of social media, Dingus was contacted by the man who bought the stolen helmet. The man lives in Connecticut and said he will soon be sending the beloved helmet back to the Bluefield Fire Department.


Investigators found the buyers online, who have agreed to send the stolen items back to police so they can return them to the firefighter. 


The suspect told police he stole the items because times are hard during the holidays and he needed to make extra money. 


At this time no arrests have been made. 


Stick with 59 News on this developing story. 

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