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Doctors warn flu season is here

Flu season is here and local doctors are preparing for a bad one. According to doctors in the area, they anticipate to see anywhere from 30 to 40 cases of the flu a day heading into the new year.

The flu spreads easily through physical contact. Dr. Lane Holbrook, a physician at MedExpress, said children are some of the most susceptible to the illness.

"It seems like the children are getting hit the worst this time of year and every year because they deal with each other. They don't wash their hands and they touch everything," Holbrook said.

Holbrook said the most common symptoms include body aches, high fevers, coughing and sneezing. He said the best thing to do is wash hands and avoid close contact with other people.

"Wash your hands, you need to keep them clean. Hand shaking should be kept to a minimum. Fist-bump, let's bring it back, elbow bump. Anything you can do to avoid prolonged contact with each other," Holbrook explained.

Dr. Holbrook also recommended getting a flu shot, especially if a patient suffers from diabetes or chronic illness.

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