Headphones Could Be Damaging Your Child's Hearing

According to Audiologists, headphones are damaging kids hearing. The World Health Organization estimates that more than a billion young people are at risk for hearing loss in the future due to headphones. At Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital, audiologists said anytime you have prolonged exposure it can damage the hair cells in the ears that actually lead to hearing loss overtime. Children are at the highest risk for this kind of hearing damage, simply because they don't know the negative effects. 

"Kids just don't know, so even if they do know a lot of times they might not really care because it's not happening now it's going to happen years down the road," Audiologist at Beckley ARH, Dr. Lindsey Underwood, said.

 Dr. Underwood said there are ways parents can control the audio volume settings on an iPhone. She also recommends getting your children headphones that have a decibel limit and are safe for kids hearing.

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