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What to do if you hit black ice on the roadway

BECKLEY, W. Va. (WVNS) -- With the temperatures dropping, those driving out on the roads need to be careful as there might be black ice.

Employees at 2 Guy's Towing say it's always best to drive slow when there's snow. There's no telling when black ice could be hidden on the roadways.

John McLaughlin, driver at 2 Guy's Towing said if you do hit an icy patch ,do your best to remain calm and never step jump on the brakes.

"Don't try and turn into it, that's when you're going to try to over-correct, and possibly wind up in a ditch or guard rail. That's when we'll have to come get you out of the ditch," said McLaughlin

They also suggest keeping your car stocked with a first aid kit and blankets, in case you get stuck in these frigid temperatures.


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