Major Revitalization Plan Underway For Hinton

November 14th, 2017 -

The city of Hinton plans to make major changes in the next few years.  It was founded on trains but once bustling areas near the tracks are now quiet. Hinton resident Henry Jackson remembers when it wasn't as empty. 

"Well back in the 60s and 70s, it was like booming, " Henry Jackson, Hinton Resident, said.

But city officials are taking action to bring life back to the area. 

"Our overall plan is to revitalize from the freight depot to the train station on Front and Commercial streets, " Joe Blankenship, Mayor of Hinton, stated.

They will create an amphitheater, gymnasium, hotel, retail space and walking trails in that area. Mayor Blankenship wants to turn this area into a bustling restaurant and market space.

"Well the Capital Market in Charleston basically year round, they will sell meats, breads, cheeses, and produce. We feel that it's big enough to do that here in Hinton, " Mayor Blankenship added. 

They have already seen success by just building the twin water slides. "That's brought a lot of people in our community. We had over 10,000 visitors to our water slide, " Mayor Blankenship said. 

Hinton is dependent on tourism and that's lacking right now according to Mayor Blankenship, "We've been told before by the railroad that they would stop here more frequently with tour trains and so forth and even tour buses coming in and maybe even stay all night if we had a motel."

A timeline on construction has not been established.  Mayor Blankenship said that all depends on funding at this point. 

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