Dangers of shoveling heavy snow

BLUEFIELD, VA (WVNS) -- While roadways are generally kept clear, sidewalks and walkways tend to stay covered in snow. 

Shoveling snow can seem like a simple task, but once it starts to accumulate, it becomes heavy to move.

Osteopathic Medicine Doctor, Diane McQuillen said shoveling heavy snow can pose a serious threat to your health. She suggested anyone over the age of 50 should consider putting the shovel down and finding an alternative way to get rid of snow.

"We caution you from even going out and doing the shoveling. You're at a higher risk to stress both your heart and lungs," said McQuillen.

Dr. McQuillen said shoveling snow incorrectly can leave you with serious back pain, resulting in a trip to the doctors'.

"Particularly after a snow event are when people strain the muscles because they aren't lifting properly. It looks so pretty but it weighs more than it looks," said McQuillen.

Dr. McQuillen explained the ideal situation for someone over 50 is to have a neighbor or child on the block shovel snow for you.

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