Doctors seeing increase of kids putting small objects in ears, nose

CHARLOTTE, NC (WCNC) -- Doctors say they are seeing an increase in the number of kids putting small items their ears and noses.

“This poor little girl came in, she’s 4 or 5-years-old, and for the last couple years she’s been suffering from really bad breath. Turns out, there was some rotting newspaper in the back of her nose, and we pulled it out. The date was two years prior, so it had been there for two years,” said otolaryngologist Dr. Christopher Tebbit.

Doctors say beads are the most common item they find, with the ear is the most likely spot. The biggest mistake they see is when parents try to flush the items out. Even organic materials like water will only make it worse.

“You certainly wouldn’t want to be digging in there because if you push them to the eardrum you might cause hearing loss,” said Dr. Tebbit.

Dr. Tebbit added the consequences can be serious. An 11-year-old Cyprus boy was recently hospitalized after he put magnets in his nose.

Best advice: if you suspect something is wrong, seek professional help.

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