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Raleigh County Man Arrested for Fleeing and Drug Possession

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A Raleigh County man is arrested after police say he ran from state police.

Lacy Eugene Short, 26, is a registered sex officer in Raleigh County.

Troopers say they went to Short's home in MacArthur to find him for violation of his probation.

Short was convicted in 2006 in Raleigh County for sexually motivated assault, battery and indecent exposure of an adult female.  He also was convicted for failing to register as a sex officer earlier this year. 

When troopers arrived, Lauren Dawson, 31, Short's girlfriend, told officers Short was not at home when in fact Short escaped out the back of the home.

Troopers were able to arrest Short nearby on charges of fleeing and possession of marijuana.

Dawson was charged with obstruction and giving false information to the state police.  The charges hold a possible fine of $500 with  up to a year in jail for obstructing and a possible fine of $200 and six months in jail for the false information

She was arraigned and released on $1,500 bond.

Short is in the Southern Regional Jail on $1,000 bond.  He is also being held awaiting a probation violation  hearing through circuit court where his original sentence, one to five years, for failing to register may be instituted.