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W.Va. Senate Passes Resolution Endorsing “Marcellus Principles”

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The West Virginia Senate voted Friday to adopt a resolution encouraging corporations who will be involved in developing West Virginia's vast natural gas resources to adopt the so-called "Marcellus Principles" as they move forward in their development.

The Marcellus Principles are a set of guidelines that are designed to help the state and citizens of West Virginia benefit most from the development of the Marcellus Shale gas resources. In particular, the principles focus on making sure that jobs generated from the drilling go to West Virginians rather than workers from other states.

‘The Marcellus Principles were created because we observes many of the jobs related to Marcellus Shale development going to workers imported from out of state," said Dave Efaw, Secretary-Treasurer of the WV State Building and Construction Trades Council. "Paychecks earned by local workers stay in West Virginia and benefit our communities – paychecks to imported workers get sent back home to Texas or Louisiana."

Senate Resolution 12, which endorses the Marcellus Principles, was sponsored by 33 of West Virginia's 34 Senators. Similar resolutions have been passed in several cities and counties across the northern part of the state.