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Authorities Look For New Leads Decades After Disappearance of Raleigh County Woman

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Norma Hensdill said she had a sick feeling in her stomach as she drove away from her daughter's home on June 2, 1987.

She said she had just dropped Tammy Daniel, 24, off at the home her daughter shared with her husband in Stanaford.

"I asked her to come home with me and she said no. This is my home and I'm going to stay here," said Hensdill.

So troubled by her daughter's demeanor when she left, she recalled returning later that afternoon.

"I just knew something wasn't right, mother's intuition maybe," said Hensdill.

But Tammy wasn't there. Everyday, Hensdill said she went back to look for her.

That Sunday, she said she and her husband Jeff went to the Raleigh County Sheriff's Department to report Tammy missing.  "They got a search warrant a few days later and searched the trailer," said Hensdill.

After years of searching, authorities thought they finally had enough evidence to move forward, but then the case crumbed.

"Back in the early 90s, there was an indictment. However, the body had not been found, and still to this day has not been found. That resulted in the indictment being dismissed," said Sgt. Larry Lilly, with the Raleigh County Sheriff's Department.

"Since the beginning of this investigation, there have been numerous locations that have been searched: Stanaford, Piney View, Eccles, just numerous locations, probably too many to even list," said Lilly. 

By the mid-90s, the Hensdills had given up hope of finding their daughter alive. They built Tammy a memorial outside their home in Piney View.

"I just had to have something that I could look at and let her know that mom still loves you and wants to find you, and give you a decent burial," said Hensdill.

Jeff Hensdill is calling on anyone with information on his daughter's disappearance to come forward. "There's somebody out there that knows. If they would just come forward and we could maybe find her."

Anyone with information on Tammy Daniel's disappearance may contact the Raleigh County Sheriff's Department or call Crimestoppers anonymously at 304-255-STOP.