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Razor Blade in Sleeper Injures Wyoming County Baby

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Ten-month-old Trinity Morgan suffered cuts to her foot last Friday, February 17, after her mother, Brittany Morgan, says she put on a brand new Child of Mine by Carter's sleeper on. Morgan says she never imagined she was putting her baby at risk by putting her in a brand new sleeper.  

"I never thought about it, she never acted funny or anything," said Morgan. "While she had it on, a couple minutes later, she started getting a little fussy and stuff. I went to change her diaper again and as I pulled her left leg out she started to scream and cry and as soon as I pulled her leg out, the razor blade fell out with it and I instantly started panicking and saw the blood. My first thought was how could that have happened. It was tough to believe that there was a razor in the bottom of my baby's sleeper."

Morgan says her toddler was treated for abrasions on her left foot in an emergency room at an area hospital.

"It could have been so much worse. The ER doctor said that she don't even know how she got by with what she got. I can definitely say that the big man upstairs is definitely watching over her."

The Morgan's say they purchased the sleeper at Wal-Mart.

59 News was able to confirm with Walmart that the Morgan's did indeed file an accident report at this store where they say they bought the sleeper. Mrs. Morgan says the manager she spoke with actually told her that the razor blade that was found in the baby's sleeper was not the kind of razor blade they use in their box cutters and suggested that it probably happened at the point of manufacture.

The sleeper says it was made in Cambodia. Carter's has contacted the family.

"They sincerely apologized and they offered to pay all of Trinity's medical bills," said Morgan, "...and they also asked if I could send them back the sleeper and the razor blade so that they could look further into it and where it might have come from."

The Morgan's say they do not plan to pursue any legal action, but they want to make sure parents are made aware of what happened to them. They say their daughter is recovering and there's been no sign of infection in her wounds, but they want to urge parents and all consumers to thoroughly check any garment before putting it on.