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Raleigh and Fayette County Children Scared Straight

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Youth from Raleigh and Fayette County got a look at life behind bars.

"All the stuff like the people with the tattoo pins and people in there banging on the windows," Tiffany Morton said.

"I was a little scared. Cutting and stuff like that. I don't want to go to jail," Zachary Morton said.

A new program working with youth from all over the state and State Troopers takes children inside of the Southern Regional Jail for an up close and personal look at being locked up.

The hope is that the visit a deterrent to keeps the kids out of the streets but most importantly out of jail.

"For the kids that went inside today it make any diff what so ever to me that is a success," Trooper Summers with the State Police said.

For this mother of 5, she hopes the jail visit is a wake-up call for her children because she says they are growing up way too fast

"Kids need a lot of help these days and I don't even know what half of the stuff my 9-year old kid says," mother, Paulette Alvardo said.

For most of the children the harsh reality of jail life set in as soon as they walked through the doors.

"From what I saw we had several kids were ready to turn around and leave and were in tears," Trooper Summers said.

Just like a real jail sentence, no child was allowed to exit until the tour was over and Trooper Summers hopes that for these children this is the last time they have to set foot in a jail.