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High Speed Police Chase Lands Man Behind Bars

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A police chase takes leads police through two counties and ends with a man behind bars.

It all started, at State Electric on Ragland Road in Beckley.

Beckley Police Officers said they were responding to a burglar alarm for a breaking and entering when they said 38-year old Steven Williams took off in a black Ford Ranger.

"Obviously it is an intense thing you can imagine you see the movies and TV programs about that time. Luckily our guys were professional enough and able to handle that matter," Det. Morgan Bragg of the Beckley Police Department said.

Officers said Williams broke into State Electric then lead police on a high speed chase for 10 miles  into Fayette County.

Investigators say they cornered Williams that's when he took off running.

"He fled on foot as well officers were able to stop him and after a brief struggle they were able to take him into custody," Bragg continued.

Detectives said in William's vehicle they found copper metal wiring.

"I think people tend to do crimes of opportunity and due to the high value of metals we see an increase of these type of things," Bragg said.

Detective Bragg attributes the quick arrest of Steven Williams to the security measures State Electric has taken.

"This is another case where security cameras were available and it helps the case," Bragg said.