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Mayor Pugh Responds After Being Called To Retire

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Three Beckley City council members asked Mayor Emmett Pugh to retire at Tuesday evening's council meeting in light of a 19 page document from the State Probable Cause Review Board.

Mayor Pugh said he expected council members to ask him to step down, "Let's face it there are people on council who would like to have my job and certainly if I retire or leave they could lobby for votes to replace me till 2016."

Mayor Emmett Pugh has been accused of 9 ethics violations from the board. The documents showed there was reason to believe Pugh violated provisions of the West Virginia Ethics Act. Those violations include deals that gave Pugh partial ownership in Burning Rock ATV park and Woodland Properties.

Pugh states he has done nothing wrong, "I admit I was in business with Woodland Properties and Burning Rock, but I still maintain I did nothing wrong in the form that this was a gift."

Councilman-At-Large Tim Berry was one of the council members who called for the mayor to retire. "For the first time in 30 years that I can remember, it's the first time we are different sides of the fence. For me it was just a matter of right and wrong," said Berry.

Chris Hall Councilman of Ward 3 for the city didn't call for Mayor Pugh's to step down, "When I think about this situation I think about how I would want to be treated and my constituents would want to be treated. I really apply the golden rule and treat him how I would want to be treated, and to give him the opportunity to defend himself, because I would want the same opportunity for myself."

Mayor Pugh said he has been give support from members of the community, his family, and law makers throughout the state, "I do I really do appreciate the support. It does really mean a lot to me and my family as we move forward in this process."

Mayor Emmett Pugh has not been formally charged with anything at this time.