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Two Feet of Snow Possible on Earth Day in Southern West Virginia

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Stormtracker59 Meteorologists aim to make sure your are prepared for the weather on the horizon, and on Earth Day, southern West Virginia could be in for a late April snow storm.

According to Chief Meteorologist Spencer Adkins, weather models are showing that the area from Pocahontas County to Beckley could receive up to two feet of snow in the evening on Sunday, April 22.  However the weather models apparently disagree as others show as little as two inches of snow for the same area.

"Currently the weather models are really competing with some different ideas of exactly where the heavy snow will fall," said Adkins, "but at this point there are some models that paint out some significant snow across the high terrain of West Virginia, especially in the northern sections of the state and into parts of the Eastern Panhandle.  A shift of just a few miles in the actual track of the low could make a big difference in how much snow could be seen."

Spencer said it's important to note that there have been late April snowstorms, but since the ground temperature is very warm, there should be some significant melting taking place.

"If there is significant snow, it would be a heavy, wet type, and with leaves out on the trees, that could make for lots of branches getting weighed down and possibly snapping, so that is something to take into account," said Adkins.

According to Spencer, being able to project a storm this far ahead is good and bad.

"It's good, so nobody is caught by surprise, but again, if there is a shift and the storm moves away, then it can lower people's confidence for the next storm forecast.  The best advice for people in the high terrain is to at least prepare for the chance of a decent Spring snow, and to tune in as the weekend goes along and not settle on the Friday forecast as the final answer.   Basically, the traditional high terrain areas that see the most snow in the winter are the spots that could have snow Sunday night into Monday and we'll hone it down from there."