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56-Year-Old Valedictorian Overcomes Adversity

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Tens of thousands of graduates will be out in the work force trying to make their marks, and along with them is one local valedictorian who instead of looking into retirement is moving towards career path. 

Cheryle Scott Sanders, 56, isn't letting her age or physical disabilities stop her from anything.

Sander's is at the point in her life like many of her peers thinking about retirement, but for Sanders it isn't an option.

Sanders graduated from Mountain State University at the head of her class with a 4.0 in social work. 

She is calling this time in her life as her Cinderella moment, "because I've gotten to go out and talk to different groups that I wouldn't have got to…of how to overcome barriers."

Sanders had physical barriers to conquer; she became legally blind after a car accident in 2006.

"I want people to know that just because you don't look the same on the outside doesn't mean you're not the same," said Sanders.

Sanders said she is hoping to carry that message to veterans the elderly and those who have disabilities.