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Storm Slams Beckley, Wreaks Havoc on Southern W.Va.

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The storm that swept through Southern West Virginia Friday night left a wave of destruction in its path.

"Watching the wind whip the trees down. Watching trucks go over them. I really thought we were in trouble with the wind," said Faith Ross. She was in Beckley when the storm hit.

Edward Reichard was asleep in his bed when he heard what sounded like a freight train. 

"I just thought the tree was going to come through the trailer before I could get my wife out of the house," said Reichard.

He woke up just in time to move his daughter before a tree slammed down through his trailer.

With no where to go, the Reichard's are among the many families taking shelter at the Beckley Dream Center. "They'll feed us, take care of us, give us a place to sleep," said Reichard.

Reichard and Ross are among the thousands across Southern West Virginia playing the waiting game on Saturday; waiting for power, gas, food, and a return to normal.

In the meantime, Emergency Services Coordinator Kevin Taylor is urging the public to be patient as AEP works to restore power to the more than 350,000 people.

 "It's the combination obviously of the power outage and the heat. It's a double whammy. And we're trying to deal with that. When speaking to A-E-P, one of the main concerns are the medical facilities, although they have generators, are they robust enough to support the normal usage and what we're dealing with now," said Taylor.