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WVSSAC, RSN to Stream State Championship Games

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The following is a press release from the WVSSAC:

The WVSSAC Board of Directors accepted the proposal by RSN Sports Network (RSNsports.com) and President Dana Ferrell to enter into an agreement to video stream online state championship events during the 2012-2013 school term. For more than a year, the administrative staff of the WVSSAC has been exploring options from various companies and decided to accept a one year contract with Ferrell. The contract will be reviewed at the end of
the year, and determine if both sides wish to continue to develop this media outlet.

Although state championship events to be broadcast have not been completely determined, Ferrell will begin immediately to focus on production costs and availability of venues to accommodate the equipment needed to provide both video and audio.

Gary Ray, Executive Director, said, "this is the future in promoting state championships events. Almost every state across the country is exploring the benefits to the schools, coaches, athletes and fans. Working with RSN Sports.com gives us the opportunity to promote our product not only within our state but around the world as well. We are going to proceed
slowly and select a few events to broadcast either live or delayed. We are excited to work with
RSNsports.com and see what might develop".

Dana Ferrell, President of RSN Sports Network, said, "The future of broadcast video is
taking place on the internet. We are equally excited to have the opportunity to showcase West
Virginia's finest prep events. RSN Sports recently announced a working agreement with The
Media Center in Charleston that will provide a high level of video production capacity. We have
committed to upgrades and new features that will make this a positive experience for the athletes, fans, the WVSSAC and their sponsors.

As the year unfolds more information will become available and a list of tournament
events will be posted on both websites.