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Hinton Mug Shot Causes Facebook Frenzy

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A mug shot on the Hinton Police Department's Facebook page is causing a lot of cyber commotion. Cheryl Hersman of Hinton was arrested yesterday for obstructing an officer.

But just what has people so upset to the point they're saying...."SHAME on Hinton PD?"

Seen here is 64-year old Cheryl Hersman of Hinton, who is confined to a wheelchair because she has cerebral palsy.  She is being charged with obstructing an officer and people on facebook are upset asking why this woman is behind bars?

"They should go out and talk to her mother, who she has been terrorizing for years and like I said she was evicted from the house where she was living at and we are simply trying to get her to leave. She refused to leave and refused to comply with police orders so we have to do our jobs here," D.S. Snavely, Hinton Police Chief said.

And posting a mug shot is part of the police department's job. The Chief said it is standard protocol after making an arrest to take a photo and put it up on their Facebook page.

"We feel the public has a right to know what goes on in their town and that is why we created the Facebook page to better connect with the citizens," Chief Snavely said.

And while there has been a backlash from citizens about the mug shot,  Chief Snavely said it sends a strong message to those who break the law.

"If you break the law and you are charged you will be put on the page," Chief Snavely said