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Victim Name Released in Hillbilly Bar Shooting

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A bar fight turns into a night of violence leaving one man shot dead in Raleigh County. Now investigators are trying to figure out why.

Sheriff's Deputies said James Williams, of Artie, was shot under his arm and killed Sunday night at the Hillbilly Tavern in Rock Creek after a bar brawl turned deadly.

Officials have identified Donald Moore as the shooter and now investigators are questioning how an argument turned into murder.

"It is my understanding that there was a fight, and it kind of broke up and the victim goes outside of the bar and that's when the defendant began shooting and the scene got pretty chaotic after that," Lt. Larry Lilly, Raleigh County Sheriff's Department  said.

Lilly said investigators believe alcohol played a factor in this situation and folks in Rock Creek said they don't think the tavern is very safe.

"You can't cover all of the county with a few men they need more police and new cars and they could handle it better, if they see a police car down here it would help," a Rock Creek resident who didn't want to give his name said.

And law enforcement officials agree. They said getting quickly to the rural parts of Raleigh County is challenging.

"It does take a while to get there and the road is curvy and it is one of the outlying areas. we try and have folks close by but it is such a large area out there it very difficult," Lt. Larry Lilly, Raleigh County Sheriff's Department said.

Moore is facing murder charges.