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Local Business Reacts To Gas Prices

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Gas prices are on the rise again, we're up to almost four dollars a gallon this week.

The price hike is affecting every single one of us driving but for some businesses, it's taking a much harder toll.

Michele Deskins is a florist in Lewisburg who is greatly affected by the spike in gas prices.

 Petal Pushers florist Michele Deskins said, "Well, 95 percent of our business is delivery. Where normally we would pay about $30 a week just for delivery gas, it's now $50 that's just extra money out of our pockets that we're not passing on to the consumer."

Petal Pushers offers free delivery to funerals, hospitals and nursing homes in the area which accounts for a big chunk of their sales.

They've had the same $6 delivery charge for over a year now and said being a new business in town makes them leery to raise prices.

Deskins said, "We are fairly new, we've been in business a little over a year but we are not passing on any of our higher costs to our consumers."

The weekly Fuel Gauge from AAA shows the average price for a gallon of regular, unleaded gasoline rose almost four cents over the past week to nearly $3.94.

That's about 34 cents higher than gas prices here a year ago and higher than the national average of about $3.80.

Not only are the gas prices hurting the business but Michele uses her personal vehicle to make all the deliveries and said it's costing her about $60 each week to fill up.

Deskins said, "Our flowers have actually gone up in price because of their delivery. A lot of our flowers come as far away as Ecuador."

And customer satisfaction is also something Petal Pushers is taking in extra costs for.

Deskins said, "We have been known to drive all the way to Nitro to pick up something that they need. We don't like telling people they can't have something if it's something that they really want."

Gas prices just across the state boarder in Virginia are about 40 cents cheaper right now so if you live close to the state line it might be worth it to drive the extra distance for a fill-up.