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State Troopers Followed Tip to Anjean to Find Fugitive

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State troopers said that someone spotted Ames walking along Anjean Road near Greenbrier Smokeless Mine and that's exactly where they caught him.

Seeing Richard Ames in the back of that police cruiser is a comforting sight for many in Greenbrier County.

The nearly 24 hour search is over.

U.S. Marshals, deputies from at least three counties and State Police troopers came together to capture the armed fugitive.

State Police Sgt. Drew Pendleton said, "Everyone responded and worked well together. I've seen officers here from Raleigh County Sheriff's Department, Greenbrier County had a large number of manpower, they've had people sitting on the stools all night. We've been out, the limited number of guys we've had. We brought in guys from other areas, we had dogs in route."

They received a tip Thursday that lead them to the Anjean area where they finally located him.

Pendleton said, "We received a tip that he was trying to hitch hike or walking on this road. We immediately responded to the area and set up a perimeter, Greenbrier County Sheriff's Office, state police, and U.S. Marshals."

Last night, people living in the Rupert area said they were terrified and some decided to fend for themselves.

Samuel Cochrum said, "We cut 2 x 4's and put them in the windows double locked the front door, the back door."

Officers say knowing that the man was armed from Tuesday's robbery put them on alert today.

Pendleton said, "With the circumstances that have happened recently, we're even more cautious that usual, this put us on high alert obviously. He was taken in with no incident."

It's safe to say that law enforcement and residents are relieved.

Cochrum said, "When you know he's been captures it takes a huge weight off your shoulders."

Ames was taken to Lewisburg to see a magistrate shortly after he was taken into custody.

He's being held in the Southern Regional Jail until he faces extradition back to Virginia where he will face charges for armed bank robbery in Roanoke.