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AmeriCorps Volunteers Working In Lewisburg

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A group of volunteers from all over the country came to southern West Virginia this month to perform a series of community service projects.

The group is the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps and was in Greenbrier County Thursday and Friday.

The team put in a gravel path and a fence around the Greenbrier Valley Farmer's Market.

AmeriCorps Team Leader Tiffany Segura said, "We cut in a trail at the farmers market. I think it's about 5,000 linear feet. We cut it out with a bunch of heavy machinery, put fabric down, gravel on top so it's here to stay for a good while."

A group of about six young adults put in the new trail and fence in Lewisburg.

But they've been all over southern West Virginia the past couple of weeks and say the response has been heartwarming.

Justice Golembeck said, "We have been embraced by all the communities that we've been in, everyone is so thankful and grateful and we're just so grateful to be here."

The volunteers are college students or recent graduates that wanted to gain experience doing something different for a year.

Golembeck said, "It's really good to actually know what you're doing and be like yeah I've done this before. Getting your hands dirty is better than just book smarts."

Segura said, "Community service is just a passion of mine, I love doing it and it doesn't even have to be in my community."

And as for the community members, Segura said, "To get them and have them recognize our efforts here it's great, and we want to encourage them to come get involved and help support their own communities."

The boy scouts will be back next year to complete the work at the Greenbrier Valley Farmer's Market.

Flower beds are just one of the things they will be contributing.

This series of projects served as a dress rehearsal for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree Days of Service happening next summer.

During that event, local boy scouts will be performing 300,000 hours of community service in Southern West Virginia.