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Suspect Arrested in Fayette County Home Invasion is a Former Cop

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It was VERY tense moments in Fayette County during a Monday night home invasion. The victim told us the suspects held the gun to his eye and demanded drugs and cash.

And that's not all.... two small children were also inside the apartment during the home invasion.... and you will NEVER believe who was just arrested for the crime!

Donald Scott Wills, a former police officer from Glasgow. He is charged with first degree robbery.He was arraigned just a few minutes ago in front of magistrate Wiseman in Fayette County. His bond was set at 50 thousand dollars.

Edsel Garrettson was house sitting for his family member when he heard a loud banging on his door at 9.30 Monday night.

"We are just sitting there watching TV and someone was just beating the door so hard and I opened up the door and they and West Virginia State Police jackets on and one person showed me the badge," Edsel Garrettson said.

Less than 3 blocks from the Smithers police station, two suspects dressed as state troopers entered this apartment guns drawn demanding drugs and cash.

Garrettson said it wasn't until he was laying on the ground at gun point that he noticed the 2 suspects were dressed in jeans and tennis shoes that this was no visit from the police.

"Cops undercover or whatever, they are not going to wear jeans or tennis shoes. so they more they talked the more it added up, they weren't cops," Garrettson said.

Since the police station is just down the street, officers were quickly dispatches to the apartment causing the suspects to take off before removing anything from the apartment.

The Smithers Chief of Police said the tenants were deceived into opening their front door and says this is something the REAL men and women in uniform will NOT stand for.

"We won't tolerate any kind of crime like that. we have to keep the police trustworthy to the public and we are going to see that it happens during this case," G.R. Proctor, Smithers Police Chief said.

The second suspect in this case has not been arrested yet.