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Outpouring of Community Support for 12-Year Old Hit by Truck

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A devastating car crash left 12-year old Chris Hamrick of Beckley in the hospital hanging on for dear life. Total strangers are showing their support for this boy.

It's every parents nightmare, a car crash that lands your child in the hospital.

"They was going through Summersville and the 12-year old son was sitting in the back seat and an 18 wheeler just ran right over the car with Christopher in the back seat," Kathy Shrewsberry said.

This is a photo of the car wreck leaving Christopher Hamrick in a hospital bed. He has been in a coma for two weeks. Now the community is stepping up to help support the family.

"Now I don't know this family really well but I feel that you don't have to know them to help them because if this was your child you would want someone to help too," Shrewsberry said.

Shrewsberry organized a bake sale to help raise money for the mounting medical bills.

She said Christopher's mother and father have not worked since the accident, because they're waiting for Christopher to wake up.

Along with his parents, strangers are praying for a miracle.

"My heart goes out to them. Every picture I see, every post I see it just breaks my heart," Nora Bare said.

Bake Sale volunteers said they have already sold 44 pumpkin rolls, 20 cupcakes and dozens of hot dogs.

And with every sale and dollar earned... it is their hope to bring a miracle to the Hamrick family.

"You just have to turn it over to god and let him take care of it," Bare said.