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DQ Owner Holds Copper Thief at Gunpoint , Waits 3 Hours For Police to Arrive

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The owner of a Raleigh County Dairy Queen waits 3 hours for police to arrive after catching a copper thief in Glen Daniel.

911 operators said a state trooper was dispatched to the Dairy Queen on Route 3 at 6:30p.m. on Sunday.

According to Dairy Queen owner Christy Milam, it would be three more hours though before help arrived.

She said she first learned of the theft after receiving a call that the power was out at the store. When Milam and her husband arrived; however, they discovered at least two people attempting to steal copper.

At that point, Milam said she called police while her husband chased one of the suspects down the street.

When he finally had the suspect at gunpoint, she said her husband was able to detain the man for almost an hour, but released him after an hour without police backup.

"I would just hate to see someone with the brains blown out behind the counter waiting three hours for police to get there," said Milam.

59News reached out to state police for their side of the story on Sunday.

State Police confirmed Trooper Robinson with the Whitesville detachment was dispatched to the scene, but would not confirm the time of his arrival or whether an arrest was made.

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