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Cruel and Unusual Punishment or Justice Served?

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A Fayette County woman is sentenced to wear a sandwich sign outside the county court house.

Candi Keith, 27, failed to disclose spousal income after signing up for welfare assistance earlier this year, her probation officer Jonathan Kessler said Friday.

When her crime was discovered, he said she was ordered by Fayette County Judge John Hatcher to serve prison time.  But according to Kessler, Keith was given another option because she had two young children at home: do the time or wear the sign.

She chose the sign.

Onlooker Mike Walbrown supports the move. "Commit the crime, pay the time."

But while some say the sign fits the crime, others say it stigmatizes convicts beyond recovery.

"If it's going to keep others from doing it, then maybe it's the right thing to do. But to say it's cruel? I just don't know. I just want to know what works," adds onlooker Kenny Parsons.