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West Virginia Tolls -- Rising or Being Eliminated?

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"Why do we have to pay tolls? We pay taxes for the roads and everything else, so it should be covered," questioned a traveler.

West Virginia has had tolls on their roads for quite some time. There's rumors the cost may rise again before it falls. Many are hopeful this rumor is not true.

"Don't do that. We would take an alternate route. That's a little too much," said Gail Brown of Columbus.

The toll was supposed to be eliminated once the state broke even in paying for the highway to reach 'interstate' standards. Instead of heading in that direction, in 2009 the cost of tolls increased by 75 cents. Now West Virginians and those traveling through the state alike, are hopeful that promise will come to fruition.

"That would be a great idea. We thought a long time ago that this would be paid for. And no more tolls, but that would be great."

Jeffers explains that with the price of gas, tolls only add to the headache of traveling.

"I could through here probably at least 4 times a year. My parents live in North Carolina so I mean if they did up the tolls I would probably try to find an alternative route because its 12 dollars each time, on top of gas."

Brown explains that she was surprised the tolls jumped up in 2009, and even more surprised to hear that it might jump up again.

"We travel through here every now and then and the last time we were here the tolls was $1.25 and we were very surprised to see that they are $2.00 and even more surprised to think that they might up it some more."

"The turnpike is nice, but it's expensive."