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Desperate for a Smoke? Dramatic video of Little General break-ins

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Two break-ins occurred within about 40 minutes of each other in Fayette County on Tuesday Dec. 11.

The crime was caught on the surveillance video from the Gauley Bridge Little General. Two men in a blue 2000 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck ram into the wall multiple times. Finally they hop out and jump over the counter.

The second break-in was at the Marathon Little General in Ansted. Sheriff's Deputies said two men rammed through the front door with the truck there too. The only item the thieves stole in both cases was cartons of cigarettes.

"We really don't know what the motive is. Just stealing cigarettes is weird. Either they smoke a lot of them or they're profiting off if it. Them being the only thing they stole from both locations is kind of weird," said Chief Deputy M.A. Fridley.

Officials said the truck was stolen from Clonch Industries and was later found in the Dixie area of Nicholas County.

Chief Deputy Fridley believes its possible someone could have seen this crime and said the community's watchful eyes are often times the most helpful piece of the puzzle in solving crimes and catching criminals.

"It seemed like someone would see something because these are on main roads on route 60 main area of Ansted and right there in Gauley Bridge right there on route 60. Any crime you see, contact us. If you were out on paper delivery that early or going to work in the morning, be observant and call," said Fridley.