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WVSOM hosts emotional tribute to Sandy Hook victims

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In light of the Connecticut elementary school shooting tragedy, that shocked the nation, one local school is opening their hearts and wallets. The School of Osteopathic Medicine students are hosting a candlelight vigil to honor the fallen.

Between the chaos of final exams and stress of the holidays, one campus is taking a moment to pause and reflect.

Students from the school are hosting a candlelight vigil to remember the events of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre.

All proceeds will go directly to the families impacted.

"It's important to realize that we have to support these families and it's sad what they are going through and we just have to stick together," Michael Ayoub, a student said.

Our crews learned one of the organizers is from Newtown, CT and while she is in Newtown now mourning the loss, she did speak with our crews over the phone. She said Lewisburg does remind her so much of Newtown and a terrible thing like this could happen anywhere.

"It speaks volumes of the students and the people are heartfelt from that are so far away but still such a connection, " Lisa McCutcheon, Lewisburg said.

"I'm glad to see that young people take some ownership in what's going on in this county and hopeful they can create a better place, "Allan Sizemore of Lewisburg said.

For this father and son duo--- it is all about change.

This father said he is desperate to make the world a better place for his young son Tobias to live in.

And he said this vigil is a small step in the right direction better our world.  The vigil rasied close to $1,000.