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Five Oak Hill Families are Without their Homes this Christmas Season

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Five families in Oak Hill are now having to search for a new home, after a fire blazed through an apartment complex in Oak Hill Saturday evening.

"Right now the Oak Hill Police Department is conducting the Investigation being assisted by the Fayette County Sheriffs Departments Arson Investigator. That's about all I know to say. It's under investigation, I think there's some suspicion there that it could be arson," said Oak Hill Police Chief Mike Whisman.

The apartments were an important piece of Oak Hill landscape.

"I've been here for 25 years myself and I can always remember the apartment building being there and being full of people. I wouldn't say it's a landmark but I can say its always been here. I don't know how old it is but I know its one of the older buildings in town."

For the five families in desperate need of a home and necessary every-day-essentials, the American Red Cross is a huge helping hand. Executive Director Roseann Berry explains how they provide important basic needs.

"You know when somebody loses everything and they wake up the next morning and realize its everything they've lost this could be their best friend and we try to see that everyone gets something like this. And its just a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, its just basic needs when all of a sudden they wake up and have nothing," said Fayette-Nicholas American Red Cross Executive Director Roseann Berry.

The American Red Cross gives another helpful gift to the families so they are able to keep up with necessary expenses.

"They get a Visa card that they can take and we ask them to do that to get their clothing and to get the necessary needs that they need."

Community involvement helps families rebuild their lives.

"Community folks are always good to support not only the Red Cross but everyone who comes out. We've gotten several calls from individuals and businesses that want to reach out and help them."