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West Virginians Hard At Work In Snowy Weather

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Workers in southern West Virginia were out and about all day Friday and the one's we spoke with didn't let the weather put their spirits down at all.
Lonnie Jesse with D&M Incorporated was making paper pick-ups and deliveries Friday.
He said, "Just think I could be in Alaska doing this on a sled, instead I got a truck doing it."
Lonnie Jesse is one man braving the elements for work today.
And despite the wind and snow, he's just thankful that he's got a truck to work in!
But he says the weather is affecting his workload.
Jesse also said, "But we've been doing it 24 years so you get used to it, now judgement called there will be some people I won't pick up because the roads are too slick, we pick up what we can then next week we make up for what we missed this week."
Roma pizza employees in Beckley were walking up and down the snowy streets all day making deliveries.
Mansoor Rashid said, "Well this is my job so I have to do it whether it's snow or good weather, we have to do it, but anyways it's good I'm fine at the moment there's no problem."
Jesse said, "As the older you get the less you get used to it but you learn to just bear with it."
They definitely are bearing with it... but not even wearing gloves and hats!
Rashid said, "When I came back the food was ready so I just grabbed it and went, my gloves are in my car, my hat doesn't really work."
Of course all the hard working road clearing crews and busy mailmen were out and about Friday as well.
Jesse says when he realized the weather was getting bad, he made sure to tell his workers to be careful on the roads.
He said, "I got five trucks out and I've been praying for everyone one of them just hoping they take their time and get back here safe so we can enjoy Christmas."