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Experts share winter weather house warming tips

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As the cold continues -- people will be firing up home heating appliances to stay warm. But those heating devices could be very dangerous even leading to house fires.

Our crews turned to the experts for some tips on staying safe.

Every year the Beckley Fire Department responds to numerous structure fires that are associated with the improper use of household heaters.

The National Fire Protection Association said home-heating equipment is the leading cause of home fire fatalities.

But that doesn't faze on Raleigh County man named Gary Bone.

"We always make sure we have a new filter and if we use the portable heater we also make sure nothing is around it because of fire," Bone said.

Bone said his family makes sure in the most dangerous heating fire months of December, January, and February-- they use caution. But how much caution is enough?

Our reporter uses a space heater and our crews wanted to ask experts to evaluate the usage.

"The picture I am seeing the heater is too close to combustibles," Ed Wills, Capt. Beckley Fire Department said.

Well now that you know what not to do. What should you do with a heater?

Experts said make sure a heater is 3 feet away from all objects in the room and make sure   heaters are in a large, well ventilated room.

Experts said that is especially important with kerosene heaters.

They need a lot of room to prevent carbon monoxide build up and users don't want to switch fuels either.

"For example if you put gasoline in a kerosene heater it will explode," Wills continued.

Finally, there is one simple tool that can help save your life no matter what time of the year.

"We always put out batteries in our smoke alarms," Gary Bone said.

"We always have our alarms," Bobby Cook said.

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