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Residents Desperate For Help With Severe Pothole Problem

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So imagine living on a road that is infested with potholes so badly, you actually have to drive off the side of the road to get home.

Well that's exactly what is going on for about 50 homeowners in Greenbrier County and they're not happy.

Charles Danley takes me for a ride through Springdale Estates and let me tell you, it was far from smooth.

So how did the road get this bad?

Danley said, "When we moved in here the state said they were going to take over the roads and then they changed their minds due to budget problems... otherwise we would not have moved in here."

Amy Harlow-Knotts said, "My family cannot come back here and visit me, they do not have vehicles equipped for my road so when they come I have to shuttle them in and it's just embarrassing!"

And it's not even a handout that they're looking for.

Danley said, "Even if we don't get any type of funding from the state or the county, I would just like someone with authority to help us organize a way to get the road maintenanced."

Harlow-Knotts said, "Right now we're basically stuck and I really would just like some assistance from the lawmakers I've reached out to or from the state in general, I guarantee if they lived on this road, something would be done."

Danley says once they get over the first hurdle, it's smooth sailing... or at least driving.

He said, "It might cost us maybe $50,000 to get the road repaired but after that it would just be a simple maintenance fee."

Homeowners say this is not the only development in Greenbrier County that they know of with the same problem.

If you live in a development with a similar issue, call 59 news we are working to get your voice heard and your problem solved!