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When heavy eyes and yawns turn deadly on the roads

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The New York Times recently reported that on average, per year, nationwide 730 deadly motor vehicle accidents involve a sleepy driver. And an additional 30,000 nonfatal accidents involve a drowsy driver as well.

59 News talked with those who literally live out on the roads to find out what they see every day.

"Pay attention and keep your eyes moving. It keeps you alert," advises New Jersey truck driver Janice Folb.

Another truck driver explains the reason behind some tired drivers having to be behind the wheel.

"The problem is what most companies do is they make them drive more than they should by threatening them to lose his job. Say he's got a delivery that's hours away. He only has 8 hours on his logbook. The company will actually tell him to go drive it," said driver Mark Marcich.

State Police gave 59 News insight into the worst times of the day for drowsy drivers.

'If it's early morning hours or late in the evening. It's typical if one is getting off work and feeling a bit tired," said Lieutenant D.A. Gunnoe.

Gunnoe gives advice on what to do if you're yawning and your eyes are getting heavy.

"Find a rest area. Find a wide spot where you're way off the road, where there's no dangers of a car hitting you. Take a 15 minute nap if you have to. Get out and stretch your legs. Get the blood flowing."