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Mercer County prepares for first snowfall of 2013

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Old man winter is sending several of our counties snowy weather. Our crews went down to Mercer County to find out how people were preparing for the snowfall.

With the threat of snow in the forecast Mercer County schools are canceled. 59 News caught up with students out grocery shopping with their parents preparing for the storm

"I don't have school today! It made me feel awesome when we didn't have school," Grace Fife of Princeton said. Grace said she will make snow angels and even build a snowman in the first snowstorm of 2013.

6-year-old Shay Harvey and her 4-year-old sister play a little differently in the snow.  Shay said when snow is in the forecast, it becomes an all out war in the Harvey household.

"I like to throw snow balls," Shay explained.

As for Ashley Dameron of Princeton, she is sad to be out of school. Ashley said she enjoys her math class way too much to miss out on it. She said the biggest pain is having to add extra layers.

"You've got to put extra socks on, layers on, jackets gloves," Ashley said.

For the most part many of the students seem to be enjoying their day off. But as for the adults they worry about the dangers snow and ice can bring along with it. One woman is on a mission to be prepared for anything.

"I live in Princeton but I am from North Carolina for 22 years and this is scaring the heck out of me. We get snow down there but not like this," Linda Ward of Princeton said.

Ward will be at home with a dog and teenager waiting out the storm.  She said her biggest fear is losing power and even adds an extra flash light to her shopping list.

With the long lines at the grocery store folks like Linda are stocking up, but for others this is just another trip to the grocery store. Our crews asked one shopper if he prepared anything extra when snow is coming?

"No, I don't we just do it all the time anyway. It is no big deal," Doug Johnston of Princeton said.

Johnston's said he is retired so if it gets bad out he will stay inside and experts advise if you don't have to go out stay off the roads.