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Pricey winter pipe repairs could be prevented with preparation

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Insurance companies are offering advice for homeowners to help them keep from having to make expensive repairs as the arctic air approaches.

Chief Meteorologist Spencer Adkins and the StormTracker59 weather team have been keeping tabs on the chilly temperatures that began today and will stretch throughout the first part of the week.  In fact a wind chill advisory was issued for several southern West Virginia counties by the National Weather Service.

With temperatures that could fall below 0-degrees Fahrenheit, that could cause pipes to freeze in homes where there is little or no insulation.  That could lead to brakes that could spew out more than 250 gallons of water a day.  That could lead to water damage and expensive repairs.

This is one case that insurance companies said that spending a little money before the cold strikes could save you a bundle down the road.  They suggest insulating pipes that run along outside wall, floors and ceilings.  Exposed pipes should be wrapped in insulating sleeves or tape. If there are cracks in the foundation of your home, sealing them up will keep the arctic air out of your crawlspace.

There are even some things you can do to keep the ice from forming in your pipes that do not cost anything, and only take a couple of minutes to do.  First, open your cabinet doors.  That will allow heat to get to the piping under sinks that are close to exterior walls.  Second, allow water to trickle out of the faucet.  Moving water does not freeze as quickly.  Third, keep your thermostat at a constant temperature.  If you typically turn down the heat when you go to sleep at night, that leaves your home vulnerable to the cold when the temperatures fall to their lowest.

You can get a look at some more tips on YouTube.