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Cold weather maintenance tips for your car

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Snow, wind, and ice can take a toll on us --- but it can also take a toll on our cars. With temperatures expected to dip into the single digits drivers are becoming concerned about their vehicles in the wicked weather.

The experts at Southern Wheels said it is important to get your anti-freeze levels checked out, your battery tested, belts adjusted and other parts inspected all to make sure your car is ready for winter. But what should you do if you wake up tomorrow and your car won't start?

 "You have your service vehicles that can jump start your car if it won't start. If you have a garage that's great keep it in, jumper cables are essential but using proper techniques is essential," Bill Brenemann, of Southern Wheel said.

 For the proper way to jump start your car, you can check out the user's manual. All user's manual contain the proper way to jump start a car.  If you are unsure, ask the experts. Do not jump start your car if you are uncertain.

Another tip our crews learned is to pop your windshield wipers up. This will make sure they will not freeze to your windshield. Frozen wipers can cause major damages to your wiper blades.

Of course an emergency car kit is always a good idea. Fill it with food, water, blankets and most important always have a fully charged cell phone in case your get stranded.