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Working For You: West Virginians answer call for heating help

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59 news is working for you -- helping people struggling through this cold snap. Our crews reached out to our viewers on Facebook to find out how our team can help.

We were contacted by one Fayette County family seeking heating help for their 68-year old mother.

It all started with a one Facebook question.  "Anyone out there in the cold needing help?"

The response---huge! One woman from Fayette County writes "my mom has a gas furnace that went out, and she can not get anyone to come and look at for her to get it fix. She is 68 years old and can hardly walk."

That's when our crews made a simple telephone call. Childers Enterprise answered the call, volunteering its services to troubleshoot the problem.

Bundled in blankets, surrounded by space heaters and suffering from various medical conditions, Judith Sorrell has been without heat for 6 months.

"I can't hardly walk and than when it gets cold its worse than ever," Judith Sorrell of Fayetteville said.

Life without heat makes completing chores a struggle. Sorrell and her 2-year-old granddaughter are confined to one room. As we continue our interview, technician Ted Ennis crawls underneath the house, getting to work.

Inside, Sorrell said, "without you guys I don't know what I would have done." She explained feeling frustrated and helpless, wondering how she would be able to pay for heat.

Just 15 minutes into our interview we notice a welcome sign, tape blowing from a vent. Air was moving through the vents in Sorrell's home.

Shortly after the first sign something is happening to the furnace, Ted walks in through the front door and exclaimed "It is fixed!"

With a large smile on her face Sorrell said, "that is beautiful," and began to cry.

After our crews wrapped up with the family, 59 News caught up with Ted about the completed job. He said, "it feels good, its one of the reasons I do this job.  It is good to come up and see someone's face when you tell them, we're all done!"

The fix to Sorrell's furnace is not a permanent solution. She needs to replace the draft motor' on the furnace which will cost several hundred dollars. The family is asking for people in the community to make donations.

59 News is working on setting up a way to make donations and our crews will bring viewers an update as soon as possible.